About Me


Hello! My name is Luna. I write this with my left hand as my baby girl, Sienna Rose, sleeps on my lap. I am a full time mother, wife and writer with desire to see the world with my family and have amazing adventures along the way! I believe in serendipity and in following the signs life gives you. Finding a meaningful purpose was always a big topic as I was growing up and now, I explore ways to find that spark that lights our soul and guides us to the right direction.

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Just over a 2 years ago I moved to Byron Bay, Australia from my little Enchanted island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. First time out of US territory, with a one way ticket on one hand and my boyfriend, now husband, on the other. It was a risk, a jump into the deep end, the unknown, and one of the best decisions I have ever made. By saying this, I like stepping out of my comfort zone, taking healthy risks, looking at the positive things in life, keeping it simple and real.

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I love everything natural; keeping active with my baby and pup, taking notice of ‘the little things’ and learning about the world we live in through my daughters eyes. I am an advocate for women’s rights, the environment, sustainability, food and exercise as medicine, and the expression of art through as many means as possible! arnhem clothing shoot byron bay DSCN0212 IMG_0366

MonokromStudio headress shoot 2015The Modern Mum Tribe is a place where I get to share my life journey, finding a balance between work, fun, responsibility and freedom, family care and self care. We invite you to be part of our adventures and the pursuit to see beauty in everything.


Luna xx


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