Christmas giving: sharing, gratitude and the law of attraction 

After reading many books on the law of attraction, belief and faith, it finally clicked, and it all comes down to the power of gratitude. In a bit of a dark moment, I was most inspired to give to others and take the focus off that “darkness”. And this because, whatever you put energy into will grow.

It wasn’t until I went through this thankful and giving experience that I figured out HOW this “divine Matrix”, as called by Gregg Braden, worked. There are many scholars like him, that have been talking about how the Universe matches your energy. Whatever you put out there, the universe will copy and duplicate it. It is understood that your thoughts are like a blueprint that is being read, almost like a strand of DNA replicates with its correspondent partner and synthethises, your energy is being copied to perfection with the code or language you use: the language of feelings, beliefs and thoughts. As the common saying goes, you reap what you sow, in your mind and heart that is. 

After reading numerous articles, books, watching documentaries, and many hours of conferences, I got in the zone again of understanding how to harness the FEELING and energy I wanted the universe to match: GRATITUDE.

If you are in a thankful and grateful attitude, the universe matches your frequency and gives you more things to be thankful for. Stemming from this fact, I made the decision to be thankful every single day! I have affirmations I say every day above the toilet, I have a wallpaper in my phone with a positive message and I do my best to look at the bright side on the darkest moments. Because, thanks to the dark sky, and new moon, is that we can see many stars. 

So in this awareness of being thankful and search for new things to be thankful for, I thought about Christmas and how lucky were my husband and myself to be talking about budgets for our family. So, I decided to give humanity, the world, the universe, the SAME budget that we got for our family. That money went into getting cards, scratchies, mini candy canes, to charities and other causes like Syria’s White HelmetsChildren’s Hospital Foundation, and the RSPCA

In the cards I got, I wrote a nice message about Christmas and hoped to inspired the person to share a random act of kindness one day. I wanted to make it as clandestine as possible at the start: leaving them under wipers on parked cars, inside bike baskets, in between library books I was returning, and in a random car that had the windows down (thank you Jane for helping out with this one), but then I got a call from my librarian saying I had left some cards in between the books… and as I told her it was for the ladies there I realised my approach wasn’t personal enough. So I started to push myself outside of my comfort zone to actually say “Here you go, Merry Christmas” and just leave with a smile. I was feeling the people’s energy and seeing who was needing it. By saying this, I gave cards to very different people: a lady that complimented my kids and dog, a young girl cleaning in a cafe, a man that always plays the harmonica in front of a store, an old lady in a car, etc. There is no need for recognition or explanation as why I was doing this to these people, a smile and a Merry Christmas was inviting enough to inspire them to open the envelope. I gave from the heart, because it felt good. If you have an opportunity to brighten someone’s day or make someone smile, why not do it?  Even during the days I was making the cards, I wondered who would receive it and got immense joy from it.

Also, this Christmas we gave away all the clothe I was planning on selling once, and clothe from my kids and husband. Plus we donated some non-perishable food to a church I attended for playgroup a couple of times and on 1 occasion for a service the week before. And, I don’t know if it is a mere coincidence (who believes in that anyway?) or part of what the universe is giving us but… you know what happened next?? As soon as I got to the church, for the Christmas Family Party, they stopped me, right after handing in cans of food for people in need, they told me to approach them before leaving. As we were leaving I started saying goodbye, not wanting to be too forward on the matter, but one of the senior men said to park the car in front of the church doors and he gave us a BIG hamper full of Christmas food! I was incredibly grateful! I was not expecting anything at all. It was quite the surprise and honestly, didn’t quite understand the reason why they gave one to us and not to others… but I was thankful. At that moment it didn’t matter the food that was inside, what mattered was the beautiful gesture, the kindness of those people that we barely knew and thought about sharing with us that blessing.

For many people it might be easy to give but, part of the act of giving is receiving. In this life we need to learn how to be thankful, because in that case, you are granting someone else the opportunity to give, and that as well is a great honour. Think that someone chose YOU to make an act of kindness. Such a deed should be appreciated so the person as well feels joy from it. When we do not accept, it stops that cycle of giving and can sometimes hurt someone’s feelings or confidence while that person just wants to do good. So let us be more conscious about this and learn how to receive with love.

Hope this can inspire people to give, and receive, not necessarily material possessions but time, a smile, volunteer, flowers from the garden, a walk, a talk, etc. This is the only way we can regain our humanity and help others regain their faith in it. We are a world full of wonderful individuals and everyone needs love. Please feel free to share with me your experience of giving and receiving! I love to fill myself with beautiful stories of amazing people just like yourself.

Be the change you want to see in the world. -Gandhi

Luna xx


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