Far From Perfect

It is Ok to have off days in parenting. It is not always to breeze to raise and mould the mind of a little human being. It can be quite an overwhelming responsibility at times. Being a mother sometimes means not taking a shower, not washing your hair in a week, or like me, having the same hair bun for 3 days in a row; putting everyone else’s need before your own. Looking at yourself in the mirror? No thanks, not now… Today was one of those days for me. Got up and my husband watched the recap of the surfing comp while drinking his tea, I made him a shake while he minded Sienna on his lap, and he went off to work with a mate straight after. From that moment on, my daughter has been practically glued to my hip. From breakfast, doing the dishes, making tea, trying to go to the toilet and later on the in the day having a shower. Who needs two hands anyway? I blame the teething stage… ugh!


I am really taking advice from my lovely mother-in-law, or SuperMum, as I like to call her. She mothered 7 kids all 3 years apart and fathered them as well after 1999 when her dear husband passed away. She has old-school advice that comes in handy many times. One golden rule I love at the moment is the breathing technique. I have been using this lately. It is quite simple but can be easily overlooked. Just breathe in and count to 10… in those moments when you re breastfeeding and you get bit, when they tip juice/milk/food all over the floor, they throw a tantrum, etc…

just breathe 1After trying to put my daughter to sleep and having our dog wake her up after 3 tries, I breathed, and breathed, and well… I was very well ventilated and the end and my daughter didn’t absorb my stress because, even if it sounds rudimental, breathing is the key, and feels good! Then, she finally drifted off and closed her dear little eyes… what an angel!

We all have our moments in parenthood. It is not about being perfect, what is perfect anyway?!
I feel doing my best is all I can do. I feel for others as well when I see they are doing their best. We shouldn’t strive for perfection, or comparing ourselves to pinterest “perfect” mothers (no offence on their diligence, talent and discipline!). 1950s-housewife-620x958
I am not the best cook, I am far form the best cook, I recently realise I am terrible at baking but I will probably keep trying until I nail at least 1 recipe.
Even though I absolutely love the idea of sewing and making your kids clothe I haven’t gotten around to trying it but i have can sewn up holes, patches and made some dolls!
My crafty side could be ‘craftier’. I say to myself that I would like to do more creative things and as soon as I have everything out to start my masterpiece my daughter wakes up, its time for a nappy change, she is going somewhere dangerous, and then she decides to join me and my craft activity ends.
So for now I sing, entertain her with books, dancing, exercising, being silly, going outside and actually playing with her. I am not the best cook, best artist, best dancer or singer, but I try to be the best mom.
I am good at getting things done, organizing, being minimalistic, enjoying the basic joys of life and pass that down to my little one. I am not into heaps of toys and games… It is just the way I see things and that doesn’t make me any less or more than anyone. The beauty comes from the moments you get together with your friends, their kids, and see how beautifully different they are and how they get along so well (for the most part). We need to learn from kids to let things go, forgive, manners, live in the moment, love, play and have fun! This is the foundation of happiness. Be yourself and the best version of you!
Luna xx

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