A Day In Our Lives #3 Spontaneity

The other day we drove up two hours to see a friend in Brisbane then decided to go around and see the city afterwards. When we were driving in, we saw an impressive Ferris Wheel and we decided to go on it just for fun. Luke had never been on one before and, apart from testing our fear of heights, it showed us practically the whole city from a completely different perspective.

Spontaneity was one of the elements that brought my husband and I together. Not having too many plans and just going with what felt right. We try to bring a bit of this to everything we do, letting things flow and being intuitive. Don’t get me wrong, we do have plans and goals, but the journey we choose to follow is an unpredictable one.DSCN0754

She enjoyed helping me show off the tickets


There were no expectations for this ride and we were quite impressed with the experience. It goes around four times and there is a recording that explains the history of the city.


Puerto is one of the Restaurants competing in the Australian competition Restaurant Revolution. Even though it was closed when we got there (in between service hours), the owner came out and she showed us inside her quirky restaurant.


After walking a bit, we saw a beautiful, an unexpected, buddhist temple in the middle of the city overlooking the water. Glad we decided to keep delaying our ‘quick’ stop in Brisbane to check out all these places that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Superdad pose 

DSCN0829 DSCN0830

When away from home, we to try to fit as many activities into our day as possible to have a productive, fun day. Everything worked out perfectly, arriving home later in the evening just in time for dinner.

Wandering around known places can be made an adventure when you leave your expectations behind and open yourself to new experiences. Claiming to see something new make those new things pop up! Enjoy getting to know your surroundings along with the wonderful unknown.

Fun Fact: Walking back towards the car we noticed we parked right in front of a place we ate a year ago the only other time we were in Brisbane before. Coincidence?

Luna xx


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